Friday, February 13, 2009

EDR with Big Bro Bent winged friend.

Some pic's from over Mt Taranaki/Egmont on a Twilight flight absolutely Magic. 9000 Feet.

My fastest time up over the Mountain was 16 minutes the worst 27 Minutes. The fastest time now is 10 minutes on Wed.

Had a cover made for EDR looks quite spiffing and had it's first use in anger whilst at Hastings and worked really well the cockpit was nice and cool on taking the cover off.

The cover was made at Barsal based at Te Kowhai. Best as I found to fly in and get measured as every planes slightly different. The patterns for Jodel covering they had already didn't match mine. They have done brilliant job and great crew.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A nice shot taken by Barry Russell from Napier at the Hawkes Bay Flyers RC field at Awatoto. I did a fly round before landing at Bridge Pa (Hastings Official name).