Sunday, August 16, 2009

EDR against the Central Plateau Mountains.

JSC based in New Plymouth ( Shares Hangar space with Yaks ,Vampire,L-39 etc) was in for a visit with John Street. Has just had top overhaul done and engine painted in a nice Gold as one would expect for a ROLLS ROYCE POWERED MACHINE.

Whilst in Feilding was taken for a ride in Peters Jodel RNR a Franklin powered machine of 125hp. No different flys like a Jodel but goes up like a rocket. I had taken Peter for ride in EDR when they were at NP a while back. Very nice machine thanks Peter.
Some picks up by the Manawatu Gorge and the Windmills heaps of windmills. Hows that for an Airstrip then.

Peter has done a Mod and moved the Sloping Rear bulk head back to the next former and there is now a HUGE amount of space there. Me I am thinking about it.......

EDR has a bit of attitude now (didn't it before) check out the new tail art.

EDR just chilling in the Hangar.

EDR in amoungst some rather exciting company.

Couple shots of EDR in aviating mode taken from Glyn in his 701 JLZ .