Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Jodel and her Mountain in this case Jodel D-9 ZK-CHX

Sunday, August 19, 2012

ZK-JAC Jodel D-18

Noel bailey Rocks around in JAC most of the time and there is not many places this puppy hasn't been.

ZK-EER is a Masterton Based machine has been for quite a bit.

EER used to live down the Hangar row at Masterton From EDR and also Minicab EEF
EEF is still Stratford based and was stable mate with EDR .

Now below is Graham French's Really nice ZK-DYB
She is For Sale and I can tell you she is a sweet machine.
$37000 and she is yours. 

I remember whilst in Tauranga one day ringing him up and saying lets go for a fly after a bit of this and that he said OK (Thanks always Graham) and had a pleasant 45 minutes trucking round the Tauranga area. So really Mr French you are to Blame for my Jodel thing.

                                       Some more shots of ZK-MMB one at Raglan and other ....?
                             I do know that snout sticking into the Picture is Sonarei 2 ZK-SNW
Some Generic Jodel Plan shots and neat lil Wooden Model of Ski equiped Jodel.

Some down the Gun Barrel Attack Jodel Shots......

                                                                          Jodel D-9
                                                                         Jodel D-11

Friday, August 17, 2012

Selection of Jodels doing the Landing and Take Off thing.

Jodel D-18 ZK-JVG

Returning from another flight is the Jodel D.18 ZK-JVG c/n GM05 at Rangiora

Note the flaps and also the change to a two bladed, Brent Thompson, wooden propeller. In fact that is Brent doing the flying, with the builder/owner Graeme Main in the flight engineers position.
See earlier pic with three blade prop

This project was begun by Bevan Chamberlain close to nine years ago. It was picked up by Graeme Main about eighteen months ago and has advanced quickly since then. Here it is having fuel flow test done on its Rotax 912S engine. The propeller is a threee bladed adjustable Woodcomp.
In the background is the VW powered D.18 ZK-JPK2.
checking out the Beach I assume out Raglan way.

An Interesting New Jodel Type - Jodel D 150X ZK-CCD
For all local Jodel fans out there it is a special occurrence when a new type of Jodel is registered in New Zealand. Charlie Kenny of Balclutha has been building his Jodel D 150X for quite a few years, and he registered it on 7 November 2011. The original D 150 Mascaret was designed by Jean Delemontez as a Jodel D 11 replacement, and it first flew in France in 1962.

 But ZK-CCD is not a standard D 150. Charlie told me that it is a one-off design incorporating the good bits from many Jodel models. It has the luggage locker from a D 140, the tailplane from a D 18, the rudder from the D 150 and the wing airfoil from a D 18, but with a bigger wing, and it has split flaps that drop down from the trailing edge. Charlie has also made the cockpit wider at 44 inches, and he has moved the seat back 3 inches and sloped the seat-back to 30 degrees, giving a very roomy cockpit with great headroom. And it features a FU 24 windscreen.
But that is not all that makes ZK-CCD unique, because it has a diesel motor! The motor is a Peugeot 1.9 litre turbo-diesel that produces 97 HP. The radiator is located in the inboard leading edge of one wing, and the battery is in the other wing, and the fuel tank is in the fuselage. Altogether a very interesting sport aircraft.
ZK-CCD is not the first Jodel that Charlie Kenny has built. He previously built Jodel D 9 ZK-AKR, "the Clydevale Phantom".

Thanks to NZ Civil Blog

A Bunch of Jodels on Tour round the South Island.

Below at Manderville enjoying the sun.

Couple of Rans Coyotes wishing they were Jodels at the end there.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here are some more pic's on the new ZK-EDR Jodel D-18 built by Russell Woods of Christchurch and builder of ZK-EDR Jodel D-11 amoung others as well.

I said I want first dibs when he's finished with her... he said in about 10 years..... :0) I can wait.......
Jodel D-11 ZK-PJG is up for sale $29000 she is all yours.

Very similar Paint job to my old Jodel EDR

Again looks good from any angle

The Jodel big snout

Well equiped cockpit.

Ole Tractor 0200 engine

Ah the Mountains Jodels are superb for Mountain flying