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Now Bill Izard has been kind enough to send me some pic's of the rebuild of Jodel D-11 (ZK-EDR in a previous life. New rego not decided yet) and has done a pretty fine job by the look of it.

He has finished the wing just needs covering and have modified the seating area so it more comfortable and repaired the broken back end. engine has been ECI`d and EFI also taken 5 degrees of washout out of the wings more like the F11 now so should cruise at a higher speed with out effecting it bottom end motor will produce about 10-15 more hp too.

Motor is a 0200 and I will be putting into the microlight range so i will be calling it something else like Yodel 10 (could be in for some sly comments there :0) or something . with mauw of 1300 lbs.

Shot from NZ Civil site :  Blue Bus has supplied this nice photo of ZK-EDG on take off at Rangitata Island on 12/10/12.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

No.5 Post History of Jodels on NZ Civil includes My Girl ZK-EDR (still miss the lil Darling).


Friday, December 7, 2012

Jodel D-11 ZK-ECU on a low pass or Left bank just after Take Off.

Like the Orange scheme.

Taken at the Reikorangi strip on 22/11/12.

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Continuing on here is part 3 of NZ Civils history of the Jodel D-11 in NZ