Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like all of us time has caught up with another Aviation Pioneer in the homebuilt world.

News from Australia with the passing of Mr Jodel Australia FRANK ROGERS has punched off the planet for the last time.

 In Australia Frank Rogers redrew the plans of most of the homebuilt variants (D9/11/150, DR1050, and later the D18/19) to anglicise the building instructions and dimensions. Over the years much information has come in from Australia and New Zealand concerning the success of Frank's 'Sky' series – the Sky Queen, Sky King, and Sky Prince as they are named. Incidentally, in the Sky series provision was made for the Continental engines to be replaced by Lycoming power, coping rather better with the higher local ambient temperatures.

EA-81 Powered

                                            Ya typical Lycoming or Continental engiged type.

To Frank the Jodel was the ideal plane and as in NZ was the staple Homebuilt for quite some time. To suit Aussie condtions Frank redesigned the Jodel for Aussie Conditions and the range required in flying round Aussie.

The Sky Prince and Sky King and I also think a variation was the Sky Queen. Frank re drew all the Jodel Plans for CASA and these were accepted by our CAA as well.


Adrian McShane said...

342Hi. I have just seen that Frank had passed away. I am sorry to read this. I had spoken & emailed/Fax'ed Frank back in the late 1990/2000. He was a nice man. Are his plans still available. I still have two sets myself. D11 - D150. Yours Adrian.

Rhys Firth said...

Ah, I just tried to email Frank off the email given on the Jodel site

googled his name when it came back undeliverable and found this post.

Does anyone know where I could get the Rogers plans? I am looking for a D11 plan set.

Adrian McShane said...

Hi Rhys.
I still have an unused set of Franks plans. If you want to buy the D11 set I have make me an offer for them. I forget what I paid Frank for them back in the late 1990's but someone out there might know what they are worth in Euro's.

Can you let me know your home town.
I am living in Dublin, Ireland.


Tel/text: 00353861670713.

Adrian McShane said...