Saturday, March 5, 2016

Arriving early afternoon into SD was Jodel D-18 ZK-JVG based outa Te 
Kowhai. Interesting thing about this puppy it's powered by a 100hp

 Rotax 912.Ex Rangiora.

Busy Busy

Note the RV canopy looks great and ya can crack it open for Fresh AIR

Great colour Scheme

Team JVG about to disembark

It's handle is CRAZY HORSE

The Flight deck nicely laid out 

Radiator with oil cooler at the rear of cowl

Team JVG about to embark for a meandering flight back to Te Kowhai

Again what a neat scheme.

It used to be Yellow and purple now a more tasteful black contrast

Getting ready to go  RWY-34

Yup D-18 has flaps, D-11 don't

Vid of Take Off

JVG approach & overshoot

The Flight deck nicely laid out 

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